Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Racine County, Wisconsin

Last week I was able to see a few of the barn quilts in Racine County.  I was on my way to Racine for a quilt retreat. I was armed with my barn quilt map. First stop was at Apple Holler. The map said there was one displayed, but did not say what it was.

Here it is.  I get the feeling this is more of an afterthought.  It was just sitting there, not even on a barn.

Apple Holler is one of those places you like to go to in the fall to buy apples and pies.  It is a spend the day in the country with the kids type of place.

This is Bear's Paw number 7 on the tour.  I liked how this one looked.  In this county the barn quilts are sponsored by an organization or business.  This was sponsored by "Friends of the Quilted Barn."

They had a smaller one on another building.

This is number 9, Indian Paintbrush.  It is sponsored by "Sew 'N Save", in Racine.

Here we have Lady of the Lake, sponsored by Racine County. This is number 8.

Another place that was mentioned was  Borzynski's Farm and Floral Market.  When I asked where it was, no one could tell me.  One person knew there had been on, but didn't remember where it was.  I found this sign, and thought it could be an applique block??   I don't think this is it, but don't have any idea of what it should look like.

Here is Mariner's Compass # 15 on the map.  This is sponsored by the Lighthouse Quilt Guild. I could not get a good picture. It is on private property, and the road curves right at that spot.  I was actually on a side street.
While I was out I did visit the Lighthouse.  It is so pretty.  The municipal building  for the town is right on the same grounds.

Lake Michigan seemed to change every day I was there.  We would have blue skies and low waves.

The grounds at the Senia Retreat Center are beautiful.

The waves were huge one of the days.  You could see all kinds of "stuff" in the waves.

I enjoyed walking along the beach.

The beauty all around us was inspiring. 

Maybe the next time I am up in Racine County I can see more of the barn quilts.  It is a fairly large county, and the barn quilts are scattered around it.


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