Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rock County, Wisconsin Barn Quilt Trail

On the third day of our "Color" adventure. Ron came across a barn quilt trail in Rock County, Wisconsin. We had started making our way home, when we stumbled upon this trail.

At first we thought this might be a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign.  If you look closer you can see that a barn scene is painted on the inside.

It is actually a pretty sign.

At ":Loose Threads" quilt shop in Milton is where we found the information about this trail.
I think this was called"Thistle Bloom".

"Temperence Tree" is on the side of this building in Milton.
We found a nice little cafe for lunch in Milton.

This is "Homestead" on Bingham Rd in Milton, Wisconsin

On the same farm, but on another building was "Old Windmill".

Little closer look at "Old Windmill".

"Housewife" was on Henke Rd, Milton.

I liked this one, as it was so colorful.

This one was a little harder to find, as it was placed on the east side of this barn.  It is call "In Memory of Dad". It is on Heneke Rd, in Milton.

It is a whole quilt top.  It is a beautiful tribute.

At "Life's a Stitch Quilt shop" in Janesville, there were four quilt blocks.  Here is "Basket."

"Priscilla"s Double Star"

On the big barn was "Lady of the Lake, and Love in a Mist".

"Patriotic Star" was on the Woodale Farms barn in Janesville.

"HI Country Path"  is on the Morton Family Farms, in Janesville.

I think this was "Centennial" on Avalon Rd in Janesville.

Not sure about this one. As you can see, it is smaller and on a double garage. 

"Sunburst" was also on Avalon Rd, in Janesville.

"Norway Pine" was on a barn for Emerald Heights, Inc.
 in Janesville.

"Four Patch" on another garage in Clinton, Wisconsin. 

"1850 Hole in the Barn Door" in Summerville Rd, Clinton.

"Grandpa's Delight" on Summerville Rd, Clinton.

"Lakeshore Star" This is a original design on Lake Shore Rd, Clinton.

"Milky Way". Also on Lake Shore Rd, Clinton

I think this is "Path Through the Woods", also on Lake Shore Rd, Clinton.

"Lucky Star #2" on the Cougar Lanes in Clinton.

This is the Cobblestone House, the Clinton Historical Society in Clinton Wisconsin.

"Crossing Road" is on the garage at the back of the "Cobblestone House.

Interesting home, and love the quilt block.  Colorful.

"Corn and Beans" is on the side of the DeLong Company on highway 140, Clinton.

"Country Farm" was a bit hard to see as it is way off the road and not one of the 8 x 8 blocks.

"Country Farm"

"Arrowheads" is on State Road 140, Clinton. This was the last one we saw on this day.  This is only a tiny portion of the quilt barns on this trail.  According to their map there are at least 162 barn quilts.  I did talk to someone in Clinton, and she thinks there are even more.  Another good reason to go back to visit Rock County, in Wisconsin.

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