Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Found Barn Quilts in Illinois

When we were driving back from our visit to the Upper Peninsula, of Michigan. we traveled some of the back road, once we were back in Illinois.  Here is one we spotted.  I know there is a series of barn quilts along the northern part by the Illinois border.  Do not know if this is one, or part of the trail.

We found this barn interesting and picturesque.

Again, another barn in the north area, but do not know the name  of it.

It was fun to be able to see barn quilts popping up.   After we were in the Shawano County area of Wisconsin, a lot of the barn quilts showed up on Pinterest.  I would like to go back to that area, and see more of the barn quilts, now that I know they are there and that it is such a big trail.

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