Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shawano County, Wisconsin More Barn Quilts.

The one thing with Shawano County, is they do have a map, but it does not give the name of the blocks.
There are over 250 barn quilts.
As I was coming home from the Iron River Quilt Retreat in Michigan, I took a route through part of Shawano County.
So no names for the blocks.

This one has the silhouette shows a sheep. 

I have always referred to this block as Nosegay.  Love how the trees were turning to compliment the coloring on the block.

This is a popular block.
The blocks to here were on route 47 until going into town.

Here is the silhouette of the horse this time.
After I traveled through town of Shawano, I picked up route 29, heading into Green Bay.
I did stop on the highway to capture a few pictures.
Because I was on a 4 lane highway, I did miss a couple.

Love this block, and on the red barn, wonderful.

I wish their map had had the names of the blocks that were created.
These are the John Deer colors.

This was an adjoining barn, again in the John Deer colors.

Here they are together.

Love the green. Along route 29.

Great block of the barn.

Great colors.

Shawano Country promotes cycling through the county to see the barn quilts.  

Just south of exit 160 on the Route 43 is this great barn.
I saw it on my way up north, but at 70 miles an hour I could not stop to get pictures.
I had made a note to stop and take a picture on my way back home.

What a great barn, and 5 barn quilts to boot.

You just never know what you will see on the road. 
A little harder to see when you are driving alone.  Please drive safely.
As I said before, I did miss a couple, now to find a time to go back and see more.
Have a great week.

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Thanks for sharing the pics of the barn quilts.