Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green County, Wisconsin Part 2

#51 Flying Frontier, Brodhead

#22 FFA Rising Star, at Ahren's Acres, in Brodhead, Wisconsin

#39 4 Stars, Brodhead

#53 Madison, Brodhead

#84 Reflections, Brodhead

#46 Amish Rubic's Center, Brodhead

Covered Bridge # 17, Brodhead

#86 Apple a Day, Brodhead

#10 Hole in the Barn Door, Monroe

This was not on the map, we found it on Town Center Rd. Brodhead

#80 Marine Star, Brodhead

#28 St Charles Star, Juda

#29 Spider Web, Juda

St Charles Star on another building, same farm

#16 Star Shadow, Juda

#45 Step at a Time, Juda on the Bob Bergman Memorial-Faessler Farms

#19 King's Crown, Brodhead

#6 Swiss Star, Monroe

Could not find this on the list either.

#75 No Place Like Home, just over the border in Davis, Illinois
#121 Constellation, Brodhead

I love it when we can do a back road trip.  Especially if it involves Barn Quilts.  On that one day we found 2 quilt shops, turkeys and deer in the wild. We saw horses and colts. It was a weird day weather wise. Sun, rain, and plenty of interesting clouds.  You just never know what you will see.

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