Friday, July 12, 2013

Kalona, Iowa

At welcome center going to Davenport, Iowa

At Miss Effies, 

Miss Effies

Miss Effies

Miss Effies

Miss Effies

Yoder Family Barn, Kalona, Iowa

A quilt tour at your feet, downtown, Kalona, Iowa
Blackford's Beauty

Amish Basket

Iowa Star


Prairie Star

Feathered Star

Mosaic 4 Block

Four in the Field

Double Aster

Blazing Star

Blue Dahlia

Mariner's Compass

Kalona Historical Village,
Crown of Thorns
Churn  Dash on Buggy Shop, at Kalona Historidal Village, Kalona, Iowa

School House Block

Burgoyne Surrounded

Goose Tracks, on Miller Family Barn in Kalona, Iowa

Merry Kite, also known as Mrs. Fay's Favorite Friendship Block, on Gingerich Family Barn, Riverside, Iowa

Barbershop Baskets , Washington County, Iowa

Double Aster, on Shebek Barn, Riverside, Iowa, Washington, County, Iowa

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